What is Playhood?

Indoor play sessions that offer a fun, creative and educational play experience for children and adults.

At Playhood, we're reimagining playtime for both children and adults, creating a play experience that's fun, creative and educational. Founded in 2022 and launching in 2023, we're proud to introduce the first children's roleplay venue in Amsterdam.

Quality Playtime

Imagine stepping into a child-sized neighborhood with a variety of shops all carefully designed and filled with props and toys.

Playhood is more than just an indoor play activity; it's an immersive experience designed to release the inner child in everyone.

Thanks to booking a fixed time slot and with a limited number of people joining each session, customers are guaranteed a clean and pleasant experience.

We offer playtime sessions that help children to broaden their personal, social, and emotional development, expand their communication and language skills all the while gaining confidence and most importantly having fun!

Our mission is simple yet profound: quality playtime for children and caregivers. We understand the joy and challenges of looking after children aged 1-7, and we're here to unburden you while ensuring that every moment of your visit is filled with laughter, creativity and imagination.

Welcome to

Playhood's Café

"Our cafe is a great place to relax and refuel, designed to cater to the tastes of both children and adults. We have focussed on providing healthier options alongside cafe classics and by partnering with exceptional suppliers, we've created a menu that elevates our cafe experience."

Food from the Hood with The BREDA Group

Our collaboration with The BREDA Group, renowned for their excellence in the Amsterdam restaurant scene, ensures that our café menu stands out. We've curated a menu together, offering a selection of easy, tasty and healthy options. We understand the challenges of finding wholesome choices at family destinations and we believe we can do better. At Playhood, you'll discover a range of dishes crafted to meet your cravings while prioritizing health and quality.

Brewing Goodness with Cafe del Mar Coffee Beans

Beyond delivering a great range of coffee and tea menu options, our partner Cafe del Mar works with a foundation dedicated to making a positive impact. When you enjoy your cappuccino or tea at Playhood you're also indirectly supporting a worthy cause.

Good Hood Pizza Shop: Be the Chef of Your Own Slice

Step into Good Hood Pizza, a place where children take on the role of pizza chef. It's a hands-on experience that transforms pizza-making into a culinary adventure. Kids can pick up a chef hat and apron, hand pick their ingredients, top their pizzas and then wait for us to do the rest. We think you’ll agree it's a journey that's as fun as it is delicious.


Our story

As sisters, friends, and mothers ourselves, the Playhood team recognized the need for indoor family activities that are as inspiring for parents as they are for children. We understand that families want a space where they can connect, enjoy quality time together, and create unforgettable moments.

We're here to unburden parents and caregivers by providing a safe, engaging environment for children to play. While your little ones embark on their adventures, our cafe awaits ready to serve your favorite brew and satisfy you with healthy and delicious treats. It's a place where you can relax, knowing your children are in a secure and entertaining environment.

We recognize the importance of predictability and routine, especially for children and caregivers. Our fixed time slots provide clear expectations for everyone involved. When you arrive it's playtime, and when it's time to go we wrap it up together. This clarity enhances the experience and ensures a smooth transition for all.

Within our ‘hood’, children develop essential life skills such as problem-solving, empathy, and cooperation. Through imaginative scenarios, they test the boundaries of their creativity and refine their communication skills. Every corner at Playhood is a canvas for their fantasies, where they build worlds, sculpt characters, and explore the infinite possibilities of their imagination.

We invite you to be in the moment, embrace the magic of play, and watch as your child's imagination soars. Join us in building a strong, supportive community where play knows no bounds. We've designed an experience that's meant to be enjoyed together. Join us, and let's make playtime an opportunity for both children and adults to have fun, relax, and connect.

Come PLAY in the HOOD.