Roleplay Benefits

Playhood embraces different parts of the everyday life through well thought-out play areas that replicate a cafe, supermarket, animal hospital, construction site, hair salon, and more, all creatively put together, so children can learn more about our world safely whilst building fundamental skills.

With 13 unique role play areas, Playhood will inspire children to broaden their personal, social, and emotional development, expand their communication and language skills all the while gaining confidence and most importantly having fun.

"Fundamental part of child development"

Key benefits of role play for children are:

• Develop their communication and language skills
• Act out and make sense of real-life situations
• Explore, investigate and experiment
• Develop their social skills as they collaborate with others
• Learn to empathize with others - taking on the role of a character helps them to learn empathy and understanding of different peoples perspectives
• Learn about different cultures
• Express their ideas and feelings in a relaxed and fun environment
• Develop awareness of themselves and others
• Helps with problem-solving
• Encourages Imagination and creativity

Role play is more than just pretend play for children. While it allows children to let their imaginations run wild, it’s also a fundamental part of child development.