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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the opening hours?
Our play sessions have fixed start and end times, and we offer 2 to 4 play sessions per day. To book a play session in a time slot of your choice, please visit our ticket page where you will find the full and most accurate schedule. For an overview of the play sessions in June, July and August, click here.

What time should I arrive?
To ensure a relaxed arrival we advise you to come 1-5 minutes before your play session starts. This allows you time to unpack, take your shoes and coat off and wait for the experience to start. If you arrive earlier you may find the doors are not open yet as we close in between sessions to tidy up.

You may turn up at any time during a play session but you will be required to leave at the end of that session even if you have not been there for the full 90 minutes.
What to wear inside Playhood?
You need socks to enjoy Playhood as shoes are not permitted for hygiene reasons. In case you have forgotten your socks, you can purchase them in Playhood.
What facilities do you offer for babies?
We provide high chairs and have baby change facilities onsite. There  is also a microwave to warm up bottled milk.
Do you have a nursing room?
We have a private space for breastfeeding.
Is a Playhood location wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the cafe and play area are on one level and reachable by wheelchair. We also have a disabled parking place that you can reserve via our contact form.
Can I bring a buggy?
We provide buggy parking in the lobby entrance as you cannot bring your buggy into the Cafe or play area for hygiene reasons.
do we have to reserve for a birthday party or group booking?
Yes you can find group booking or birthday event booking on our website or send an email to
What age is Playhood aimed at?
Playhood is designed for children from walking age (12 months) to 7 years, however children up to 10 years old are welcome to play alongside younger siblings.
Can my children stay in Playhood whilst I leave for a short while elsewhere?
No, all children must be under supervision of their caregivers at all times.
May I bring my own food/drinks to Playhood?
You can bring your refillable water bottles and baby bottles into Playhood. We offer a range of options in our Cafe and kindly ask to not consume food from elsewhere in Playhood.
Are tickets available at the door?
Yes, if the session is not sold out, you can just come and buy tickets at the door. To check please go onto our website to the ticket page to see current availability. We recommend purchasing tickets online so you are guaranteed.
I haven't received my tickets, what should I do?
You will receive your tickets via email. Sometimes, it may take a few minutes to receive your tickets. If you haven't received an email, please check your spam folder. If you still haven't received any attachments, contact the ticket support on the ticket page.
Can I cancel my ticket?
We only cancel tickets in exceptional cases. However, you can reschedule your ticket free of charge. Please contact Global Ticket via the ticket page for more information.
What if I'm late?
You purchase a ticket for a specific time slot. If you arrive late, whether you can still enter depends on the crowd and will be determined by the staff at the entrance.
Can prices vary or change?
The ticket fees are subject to potential changes and/or legal changes in the VAT rate and may be adjusted from time to time.
What is your cancellation policy?
Pre-booked tickets are non refundable. With a minimum of 24 hours notice we can transfer your booking to an alternative date.
Why does Playhood offer perfect 90-Minute Play Experiences?
At Playhood, we've carefully designed 90-minute play-sessions to make your visit seamless and enjoyable. With our approach, you'll always know what to expect, ensuring a stress-free and fun adventure.
What health and safety measures do you have in place?
All of Playhood is designed and equipped with child-safe and child friendly furniture, electrical outlets and toys. We held periodic checks to make sure play areas and toys are up to standard. If you notice something is off please make our staff aware.
Can I bring my pet to Playhood?
We love all animals but sadly no, pets are not allowed at Playhood due to the prevailing hygiene regulations. There is an exception for guide dogs for the blind and service dogs.
Where can I file a complaint?
We strive to make everyone's day enjoyable every day. If, by any chance, there is a complaint, you can approach one of our staff members or send an email to
Is Playhood clean?
Yes, at Playhood, we consider hygiene to be very important. In addition to daily cleaning, we perform cleaning between each session. Periodically all toys and costumes are thoroughly and safely cleaned.
Am I allowed to take photos and videos inside Playhood?
Yes, you are allowed to do so, but to respect the privacy of other visitors, we kindly request that everyone be considerate of others and primarily focus their camera on their own group.
Why do I need to purchase a ticket for a parent or caregiver?
At Playhood, our mission is quality time for children and caregivers. We believe in creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone. That's why we offer play session tickets for both children and adults.
Do you offer any discount?
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